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Welcome to the Territory

The Territory is a place of many different peoples.

The cultural and trade routes of Aboriginal families crisscross the country. The stories have been sung for millennia and are a vital part of Aboriginal culture today.

Others have come to the Territory in more recent years. Their stories too, are a part of the cultural landscape of the region.

This exhibition follows the path of the 1872 Overland Telegraph Line. The Line passed through the Repeater Stations at Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Katherine and finally Port Darwin.

We invite you to step back in time and view this exhibition, as well as helping us to further compile the Northern Territory’s history by submitting your images, documents, stories and memories.

The Territory’s history is still being written.

Map of Australia highlighting the Northern Territory             Alice Springs     Tennant Creek   Katherine     Darwin

WARNING -Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

This material contains images and reference to people who are deceased.

Quotations from Territorians may contain slang or language which is not considered acceptable or appropriate today. This material has been included as part of historical reference only as evidence of attitudes and values of a former era and not to be seen in any way as endorsement or indicative of those attitudes or values.

Alice Springs was formerly known as Stuart, and Darwin, was known as Palmerston; except where this information is detailed, for consistency and to avoid repetitious explanations, these towns are referred to by their present-day names.

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