Growing Up - the 1900s

Children playing, the Bungalow, Alice Springs, 1937Eileen Park was born under the gum trees at Emily Gap in 1903. She remembered her childhood:

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Well my mother’s an Aboriginal woman… Arrernte tribe… I grew up in Alice Springs as a child… Well the only things that I could remember is when I went to school at Mrs Ida Stanley’s school. When I was small I couldn’t remember the other. So we were all at Mrs Standley’s school at a place called Bungalow and I went to school there…

We didn’t worry about anything in those days. We knew we had to go to school, we were there and we had to do our little chores there – carry the water from the police station to the ‘Bungalow’ and fill up the water tanks, and clean around the place; and we’d learn our lessons – that’s all we knew.

[Northern Territory Archives Service NTRS 226, TS 474 and NTRS 219, TP 632, Eileen Park]

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