Social Life in the 1930s

John and Elsie Bohnings wedding, Tennant Creek, 1931Tennant Creek attracted the young and the adventurous. People worked hard and partied hard. There was an active social life. Camelia Meyers remembered going to dances out at the mines:

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Oh well, when you’re young I suppose – you’ve been young too, not that you’re not young now – but everyone’s young, you know, and all the boys were up here then. Oh, and the dancing and that. Not that there was any dance halls then. The first dance I went to hear, in ’34, was out at the Rising Sun, just an ant bed. Not down on the ground, they had it built up too. And long frocks! But we enjoyed that, that was our … Weabers had it then, the Rising Sun. Noble’s Nob wasn’t going then, it was the Rising Sun.

We went out in the back of a lorry, a big long lorry, and bang! Bang! Bang! No road, you know, and you’re banging. I don’t know how they notice things now, the young ones, but we didn’t notice that…

[Northern Territory Archives Service NTRS 226, TS 834 and NTRS 1942, CD 136, Camelia Meyers]
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